Bull Country Compost


Bull Country Compost is a nutrient dense soil conditioner produced from cow and horse manure. During production, compost is heated naturally, without the use of chemical enhancements, to 150 degrees for at least 72 hours to eliminate weed seeds and harmful bacteria. After 6-9 months of curing, the final product is screened to ensure a uniform, easy to spread product.



• Environmentally friendly - Chemical free
• Beneficial to acid soil and plants requiring a high Ph
• Contains no weed germination
• Helps retain moisture
• Enhances soil condition
• Promotes earthworm population
• Builds deeper root systems
• Aerates compacted soils and increases drainage capacity
• Replenishes natural mineral content
• Releases nutrients for 2 years after application


• Feed existing lawns
• Boost soil to establish new lawns and gardens
• Mulch existing gardens for weed control
• Condition vegetable gardens annually before planting
• Create potting soil (Mix 50% topsoil and 50% compost)

How to Mulch with Compost for Weed Control

Prior to planting, cover ground with 1” to 2” of compost and till into the soil to a depth of 4”.

Bull Country Compost is not a growing medium. Plants should not be planted in pure compost.
Application recommendations are for the average Northeast Ohio soil. For the best results we recommend having your soil tested.

Eliminate weeds before applying. Cover the ground with 1” to 2” of compost. Remove compost from plant foliage and keep 1” away from new plants. If compost gets on the plants remove it and clean off with water. For best result water the area to ‘set’ compost and help retain future moisture. Plants will be fed with every rain and  nutrients will be released for 2 years after application. Produce that comes in contact with compost is safe to eat after rinsing with water.

Existing Lawns:
Top dress ¼” of compost over existing lawn with a broadcast spreader or by hand, water after applying and aerate the soil for best results. Spring or Fall Season is the best time of year to feed your lawn. Avoid application on a hot sunny day.
New Lawns:
Top dress ½” of compost over topsoil and till compost into topsoil to a depth of 2”. Spread grass seed and water thoroughly.