Bull Country Compost

Bull Country Compost
Class III EPA inspected & approved. A rich natural organic soil conditioner for all your growing needs.

 About Our Compost

Bull Country Compost is produced from all natural products including animal and yard waste with a small percentage of sawdust and straw. During production, compost is heated to 150 degrees for at least 72 hours to eliminate weed seeds and harmful bacteria. After it is cured, the compost is screened to ensure a uniform, easy to spread product.

Benefits of Our Compost:

  • Boosts soil nutrients and organic matter to optimize plant growth.
  • Loosens compacted and clay based soil (typical of Northeast Ohio).
  • Enhances nutrient availability to promote robust growth and production of plants.

Bull Country is a member of the Organics Recycling Association of Ohio.  

What’s the difference between compost and mulch?

Mulch enhances the appearance of flowerbeds and controls weeds to some degree, but does not contribute to the health of the soil. In fact, wood mulch draws nitrogen from the ground and can be harmful to some plants.

Compost adds organic matter and nutrients directly to your soil to promote optimum plant growth without the smell of manure. If establishing a new lawn or garden, mix compost with the soil to boost the soil’s nutritive value.

Bull Country’s mulch-compost mix is a popular top-dressing especially for flower gardens when one wants the appearance of mulch as well as the nutrients of compost.

Currently the company is testing compost tea—a liquid compost suited for potted plants.